Cloud Dental FAQs

We hope to answer many of those forgotten questions and a few others you may not have thought of yet. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you are welcome to email us with it or ask during your next visit and we’ll happily talk you through an answer that’s personalised for your situation.

Information About Getting Whiter Teeth

Registered Dental Hygienists & Dental Hygiene Practitioners are highly educated health professionals who focus on the prevention of oral disease and promote oral health. Dental Hygienists provide essential treatment and advice to help prevent periodontal (gum) disease and dental cavities. Dental hygienists support their clients in achieving total wellness.

Yes you can whiten your teeth at home.

At-home teeth whitening systems available from your dental hygienist have customized whitening trays that you fill with an “active” gel yourself. Depending on the level of staining on your teeth, the recommended length of time your dental hygienist prescribes you leave the trays in your mouth and the amount of whitening you want to achieve will determine for how long you have to go through this process.

Tooth whitening may not be appropriate for all individuals, contraindications or consideration will be identified during the assessment portion of the appointment, Not a candidate will give all New Patients a Free Cineplex Movie Ticket.

Plaque produces harmful byproducts that irritate the gums, causing gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal diseases. If plaque isn’t removed daily, it will build up into a hard deposit called calculus. Plaque will continue to form on top of the calculus, it can irritate the gums, and a pocket may develop between the teeth and gums. Plaque build up can eventually deteriorate the gums and bone that support the teeth.

This is different for every individual based on numerous factors. The $279 start Cleaning and Check up includes 3 units of time (equivalent to about 40 – 45 minutes) For some people this may be enough but depending on how long it’s been since your last cleaning others may need more than 45 minutes to reverse years of tartar build-up above and below the gumline. This includes 2 Digital X-Rays.

We operate on principles of mutual courtesy and respect. Your scheduled appointment is valuable time reserved solely for you. Please inform our office as soon as possible if you are unable to attend.

As professional healthcare providers, dental hygienists maintain professional relationships with dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, dermatologists, and other health care providers. You may continue seeing your favorite dentist for your regular dental work and examinations and have your cleaning done at our clinic. You have a right to seek and choose the care you want.